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Warm greetings of this season of lights!

Watching the glowing earthen lamps reiterates that ‘Light’ signifies positivity and power. The tiny lamp holds the power to dispel darkness. Similarly, I trust the power a tiny baby that facilitates to change the world into a better place!

Embarking on the journey of TSPF, clueless of its materialization and stance in the fast paced lives we live today, I have been certain that ‘babies are precious beings’. Thus, with my team, I have reached here today.


At TSPF, with higher order thinking skills, adaptability, cooperation, and constructive communication we stand committed to our vision and mission. Indebted to my valued benefactors, volunteers, my family and my God; I look forward to serve mankind and support the miracle of life by saving babies.


Thank you for your prized interest in The Saved Pearl Foundation. Our newsletter brings to you the glimpse of our services. I believe that it is our obligation to foster a new generation that will meet the environmental, social and economic challenges ahead. Thus, a saved pearl is worth a saved generation.

God Bless.