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From Feel-Good to Heartbreak

-Arlene Theknath
21st July 2023.

As I recently stepped out of the theatre, my heart was filled with a delightful feel-good factor after watching the movie Barbie. The film had taken me to a world of enchantment and hope, where dreams seemed within reach and positivity prevailed. Little did I know that the harsh reality of the real world was about to shatter this sense of bliss, as I opened my WhatsApp chat and was confronted with a gut-wrenching news headline – women raped in Manipur.

In that moment, my soul sank, and the stark contrast between reel life and real life struck me with profound sadness. How can such heinous acts of violence against women still persist in our so-called modern times? We often like to believe that our society has moved past the dark chapters of history, yet these atrocities continue to haunt us.

Women are still facing unimaginable horrors in various parts of the world, and the recent incident in Manipur is just one devastating example. As we progress in technology, economy, and education, it is deeply unsettling to know that we have failed to eradicate the root causes of such brutality.

It is time for us to unite as one, transcending borders, races, and religions, to put an end to this endless cycle of violence. We must not remain silent spectators but active agents of change. 

Empathy and education are powerful tools in combating these atrocities. Let’s foster empathy by listening to survivors’ stories, understanding their pain, and providing support to those affected. At the same time, education plays a crucial role in shaping attitudes and dismantling harmful stereotypes.

Together, let’s use the power of social media to raise awareness about the issues faced by women, educate others, and mobilize support for change. It is only when we stand united, with a shared commitment to protect the dignity and safety of all individuals, that we can truly create a world where such atrocities are relegated to the past.

In conclusion, the stark contrast between the feel-good factor of the movie Barbie and the heartbreak of reading about the women raped in Manipur reminds us of the harsh reality that women continue to face. Let this be a wake-up call for us all to take action, and work towards a world where every individual can live without fear and experience true equality. Only then can we claim to have truly progressed as a society.