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Let’s make Christmas about miracle babies again.

Join me, #SaveAPearl!

Maria Bernadette L. Rebello

Not all women see their babies as miracles — for some pregnant girls/women, babies are burdens not worth carrying, especially when they are:

  • Unmarried
  • Abandoned/abused by husband/in-laws
  • Rape survivors
  • Undergoing acute financial crisis

But we can offer such women in crisis pregnancies hope and a reason to carry their babies to full term!

I have been supporting The Saved Pearl Foundation for some time now and have been very impressed by the wonderful work they have been doing to protect expectant mothers in need and their precious babies. Due to their efforts, 46 babies have been saved by providing these pregnant women with:

  • Temporary Shelter and medical expenses
  • Counselling and emotional support
  • Nutritious food and supplements
  • Legal aid

This Christmas, gift LIFE to a baby by supporting an expectant mother.

Raised Funds

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All donations are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Saved Pearls

For more information, contact The Saved Pearl Foundation

Call/Whatsapp on: +91 7710052821. Website: