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Oysters hold their pearls safe inside,
Help our Mamas do the same.


Did you know that 15.6 million pregnancies are terminated annually in India? 

Of these, only one in four abortions is carried out in a hospital – which means that the rest are not safe for the women undergoing them.*

Why do women opt for unsafe termination?

Motherhood is a gift that many long for, yet not all can embrace.

But YOU can help an expectant mother in need carry her child to full term!

Some Mamas need a miracle.

The Saved Pearl Foundation has been working in Mumbai, India since 2015 towards the care of expectant mothers in need, providing:

Board and lodging

Nutritious food and supplements

Counselling and emotional support

Medical expenses

Legal Aid


YOUR contribution can help us save more precious pearls!

All donations are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

“My life changed when I realised that my partner had deserted me and gone back to his village, leaving me pregnant and alone. But the birth of my baby is my rebirth as well. And in this new life, I’ve been given an opportunity to make new choices and decisions for my life – to give life a whole new direction. A big thank you to The Saved Pearl Foundation for supporting me through my pregnancy.” 

Our Saved Pearls

Our Partners


TSPF supports pregnant girls and women in crisis pregnancy, thereby saving several priceless babies. Of the total donations obtained, 70% of the funds are directly utilized to help every pregnant woman in need of our care.

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A-106, Kamlesh Apartment, Sher E Punjab Colony, Andheri East, Mumbai.